6 Ways for You to Include Travertine Pavers in Your Home

6 Ways for You to Include Travertine Pavers in Your Home

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  Natural Stone

Travertine pavers make a great addition to your home’s outdoor décor. Anyone looking forward to giving the outdoor area a facelift can make use of travertine pavers. Not only are these natural stones long-lasting and durable, but they can also be used to add a modern or a rustic look to the outdoor areas. The subtle flaws that are there in the texture of travertine pavers further improve its beauty. These pavers have small pits and holes that are formed when water vapor from hot springs seeped out from them.


Travertine is also eco-friendly, versatile and durable. They are much better than the human-made alternatives. They seldom crack and their colors do not fade. If needed, you can also replace them with ease to change the look. If broken, you can easily replace them without having the new paver looking out of place. There is no need to replace the entire set of pavers for a single damaged paver.


Here are the top six users of travertine pavers:


1. Renovate your retaining wall

If you have a retaining wall made from stones or bricks that now looks dull, you can simply reface it to give it an entirely new look. Refacing with travertine times are quite simple, and you can get a natural look while retaining the same warmth and vibrancy. You can use sleek pavers to achieve a contemporary look while more pitted pavers will give a rustic, countryside appearance.


2. Make an outdoor kitchen

No Aussie backyard is complete without a grill. That is why you need to get yourself an outdoor kitchen. Travertine tiles are the perfect solution for the flooring of an outdoor kitchen. You can have a sink, a refrigerator, and a barbecue unit – all in one place. Not only does it add much more value to your home, but it also increases the aesthetic appeal.


3. Cool down the pool area

The pool is a relieving place to be in during the summers. However, the hot tiles can make it unbearable at the same time. Fortunately, travertine pavers don’t get hot like regular tiles. Travertine naturally reflects heat. Therefore, it will stay cool even under the summer sun and won’t burn your feet even on the hottest of days. Furthermore, the natural texture prevents wet feet from slipping.


4. Make the entrance to your home truly grand

Nothing contributes more to the outdoor beauty of your home than the pathway to the front door. Travertine stones are a perfect addition if you are looking forward to making a grand entrance. Travertine pavers give a more natural and homely look to the front pathway. You can even use the travertine pavers in the front patio at your door.


5. Improve the look of your stairs

Every element in the outdoor area contributes to the final look and feel. If you have step and stairs in your garden, you can highlight them using travertine pavers. Stairs can be an object of beauty if you garden if you use stained travertine stones to pave them. There are a bunch of beautiful textures available, and each gives a different look and feel. Plus, the stairs will be less slippery during the rain when you have paved them with travertine.


6. Make your backyard more interesting

Travertine stones can give your yard a much-needed facelift. With a paved region, you can convert it into a patio, or a place to relax and unwind. These pavers are a perfect non-slip and durable solution for attractive living space in the backyard. You can have a barbecue, chat with friends, and have fun in a travertine paved backyard.


Wrapping up

Travertine stones are beautiful – there is no doubt about that. It can be used to make a house look elegant, sophisticated, or to give a rustic look. Even though travertine is expensive, it will be a worthy investment that will last for years to come. So, if you are considering an outdoor makeover or you are building a new home, make sure you get travertine pavers.

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