How to Build a Beautiful Backyard on a Budget - Our Guide

How to Build a Beautiful Backyard on a Budget - Our Guide

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We’re in the digital era, which means that many of our hobbies are online. Music, movies, and video games are among the most popular activities that people like to enjoy in their free time. Some people, however, prefer hands-on hobbies that don’t involve a screen. They want to let their creativity take over and construct something beautiful.

What stops most of these people is their budget. They believe that without lots of money to spend, they cannot possibly undertake a home improvement project and make it look incredible. However, this isn't true. There are myriads of budget methods you can utilize to enhance your home visually. So what's stopping you from putting together an incredible backyard with the help of travertine? Let’s find out!

Save Money on Your Next Project

Whether you have unlimited stacks of cash to dump into your patio project, or are restricted by a minimal budget, there are always methods and techniques that you can utilize to save a few additional dollars. Here is an example of such an approach:

Instead of using the most expensive pool coping option for your next stair treads, opt for square or rectangular travertine pavers. Not only will you be saving money, but some people prefer the look of the paver. Its straight cut suggests a more modern look. Allow it some overhang, and viola! Your stairs are complete.

Now, let's enhance that yard of yours! Here are a few small-scale budget projects that you can undertake using travertine to add life to your outdoor space:

A homey patio

A small cozy patio is more than enough for your backyard to look beautiful. Start by looking for the perfect spot and then laying down pavers. Follow up by creating an overhang over the patio. Not only does this feature add to the "cozy" look, but it also offers you protection from the elements. Put a table in the center, preferably a small, dark-colored one — brown is a great choice! Complete the build with complimenting seats and a few beautiful accent pillows.

Want to take your patio to the next level? Utilize more travertine! Its distinct color contributes to the overall intimacy of the build. Surround your patio with small travertine walls. Want to make it a little more private? Grow a hedge around your mini patio! Not only does it provide a sense of security, but it will look even cozier than it did before.

A beautiful pathway

After constructing the perfect garden refuge, you will want to make your backyard look "complete." To achieve this, build a small pathway connecting your patio with your yard. Utilize same sized pavers and lay them down in neat lines to create a path.

This is the perfect project to DIY. Not only is it easy to complete, but you will also be saving money by not needing to hire a professional.

An eye-catching landscape

To further enhance your yard, why not build a travertine courtyard to surround your flowers and other plants? Change the design up by laying the pieces in a chess formation, the "white tiles" being travertine and the "black tiles" being grass or any other material. This design creates a beautiful contrast of the lightly hued tiles against the vibrant green. Anyone passing by is sure to be impressed! You will soon become known as the person with the beautifully designed yard.

Your beautiful yard is waiting for you. With a few dollars, a bit of effort, and endless creativity, a fantastic backyard is just a tile away. Get out there and revitalize your surroundings.

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