4 Signs That Your Driveway Pavers Need to be Replaced

4 Signs That Your Driveway Pavers Need to be Replaced

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When we talk about the parts of your home that carries the most weight in terms of aesthetic beauty and functionality, not a lot of people will mention the driveway.

Most homeowners will immediately mention the walls, roof, garden, or basement. Although they may not necessarily be wrong, they could be missing the most essential part of the home that gives it its value.

The driveway is the part of your home that people see first when they come to visit you, which means that it’s what visitors will base their first impression of your home on. If it’s not in the best condition, it may have a negative effect on how people perceive your home in general.

If you’re looking to upgrade the look of your driveway, travertine pavers are an amazing option. These stones are aesthetically pleasing, light, and versatile.

They are also extremely durable, making them an excellent choice for driveway pavers. Additionally, travertine is also a naturally non-slip material, making it suitable for wet and rainy areas.

If your driveway is showing these four signs, you should make the transition to travertine pavers as soon as possible:

1. Your Driveway is Deteriorating

The driveway is often put under constant stress, as it has to hold the weight of a car and other things besides. After a few years of use, the weaker materials will start to give out, becoming broken and cracked.

When those cracks are allowed to go untreated, they may turn into major cracks and potholes with grass and weeds growing out of them. They will make your home look unkempt. Getting travertine pavers are the best solution for this problem. They are durable and can retain their structural integrity for decades with minimal care.

2. The Color has Faded

After years of being exposed to the elements, it’s understandable that the surface of those materials will start to become faded due to sunlight and corrosion. Travertine is waterproof and usually comes in subtle colours such as white, grey, and light brown. This means that even after years of use, it will continue to look good regardless of the strain it’s put under.

3. The Surface is Covered in Stains

Materials such as asphalt are highly absorbent, which means that if it ever gets stained with oil and other liquids, that’s how your driveway will look from now on. Travertine doesn’t get stained as easily as those other options, so if you’re the type to tinker with your car, we suggest you go with travertine. It’s guaranteed to help preserve the original look of your driveway for many years to come.

4. The Driveway is Completely Corroded

Travertine has a porous texture that allows it to relegate water very effectively. This helps the driveway to stay in good condition for a long time, as it doesn’t get corroded very easily.

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