5 Benefits of Installing Floor Tiles in Your Home

5 Benefits of Installing Floor Tiles in Your Home

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Whatever you're looking for in floor tiles, there are two things you will benefit from them: durability and easy maintenance. Although these are the two most common advantages, there are many more others as well. What are the other benefits floor tiles have that carpets do not? Here are five benefits of installing floor tiles:

1 - Environmentally-Friendly

Tiles come in different materials, and all if not most are friendly to the environment. Materials such as ceramic and porcelain can be easily made from clay, a natural and sustainable resource. With brand new technology, quarried stones can now be used as well! Stone tiles can be easily recycled and will last for extended periods. Even limestones can be considered a sustainable resource.

2 - Water-Friendly

In wetter conditions, carpeting won't do so well. Although you may tackle water issues with laminating, constant exposure to moisture will still damage it. Floor tiles made of porous stones such as limestone can easily take on water. They won't become slippery either when wet, unlike marble tiles. However, these two types of tiles will do well in any wet conditions. They won't deteriorate in performance and structure because of water. This is why bathrooms and any area of the home prone to being damp use stone tiles. Not only are they useful, but these marble/stone tiles are aesthetically pleasing to look at as well!

3 - Improve Air Quality

If you use carpeting, it can release dust and dirt when disturbed, and is also hard to keep clean! Although laminates address this problem, it may end up releasing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) which can pollute the air. If you're dealing with asthma or any related issue, flooring that enhances the air quality is vital not to aggravate asthma any further! Floor tiles do not release any gas or material that can pollute the air, and they are much easier to clean.

4 - Reduces Need for Cooling

Compared to carpets and laminates, stone tiles will usually feel much cooler. If you live in hot environments, stone tiles are an attractive choice because they help maintain a cold temperature inside your space. You may even only need a ceiling fan to cool your room further compared to places with carpets that may need air-conditioning. Stone tiles combined with high ceilings are a great place to relax and cool down.

5 - Maintains Radiant Heat

Similar to how stone tiles cool your house during the summer, it also keeps it warm during the winter. Installing radiant heating under stone tiles are much more effective and safer compared to carpeting and laminates. 

It is reliable because when there is heat, moisture is released, and can easily damage laminates. Stone and ceramic tiles fare way better with moisture. These tiles also give off heat much longer even when the heating system is turned off. Imagine waking up to a cold day and stepping on warm bathroom floor tiles – it’s a fantastic feeling.

Along with the standard durability and maintainability of floor tiles, there are many other benefits. Install tile floors in your home and enjoy cooler summers and warmer winters. Sleep well knowing that you're doing the environment a favour as well! Compared to any other option, tiles are the best option overall.

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