How Stone Cladding Works & Why It's Worth Getting

How Stone Cladding Works & Why It's Worth Getting

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  Natural Stone

Stone Cladding


Stone cladding is a stimulated stone applied on a building as a protective and decorative cover. It can be used both on indoor and outdoor walls and surfaces. It is commonly used to cover up concrete. There are various styles in stone cladding to choose from. With the help of a beautifier, who knows how to select types that will suit a particular house in a way to compliment it rather than take away from its beauty. There are many types of stones that can be used for stone cladding such as marble, slate, granite, sandstone, and limestone.


Granite Stones

These are the most resilient stones that can be used for outdoor decorative purposes without being affected by any weather conditions. They appear in a range of different colors such as black galaxy, absolute black, imperial white and golden leaf.


Marble Stones

Unlike granite, marble is not as weather resistant. Actually, they are greatly affected by temperature and rain and are mainly used for interior sceneries. Popular colors include coffee brown, rosewood, white onyx, and rainforest green.


Slate Stone

These are thinner, longer lasting and also weather resistant. They are great for both interior and exterior views but are easily scratched. Colors include grey, lime green, black, terra red.



Stone cladding is really not so technical but requires buying the right stone type that will not wear off during the rainy season. They will be applied by putting the slates onto mortar in line to bring out its beauty, as they should be uniform. This process is composed of a cladding panel system as well to support the whole cladding procedure. There are a number of factors that should be looked at for the whole process to be successful and these include the durability of the stone, one has to know if they are comfortable with it. The placement, size, and shape of the stones also matter a lot, not forgetting the height above the ground where the panel is installed. Once these and the rest are put in place the whole process is then on the right track.



Stone cladding is an important insulator from both warm and cold air from entering the house. It can also help reduce other forms of pollution, especially noise. It will add a little bit more elegance to a house and can be done on floors as well. Stone cladding is also waterproof and will guard off water that would eventually enter walls, weakening them.



Cleaning stone cladding is simply done by using a detergent with clean water and a bristled brush cleaning edges with a tuck pointer. It can also be cleaned with a glazing cream, a preservative that will keep its color bright and new-looking. 

Contact your local home improvement service today ask them about their stone wall cladding

options. These stones will stay with you and your home for years to come. You can be sure that

it’s a worthwhile investment!

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