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How Stone Wall Cladding Can Enhance The Appearance Of Your Home

How Stone Wall Cladding Can Enhance The Appearance Of Your Home

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Beautify Your Home With Stone Wall Cladding

Every homeowner wants to make their house looks as good as possible, and one of the best ways to enhance the appearance of your home is by having stone wall cladding. It’s a simple process that doesn’t take too long to complete, and it’s not that expensive either! You can get it for both the interior and exterior of your home. It helps to make the house looks more welcoming, especially during the winter. Imagine your family sitting around in front of the fireplace with the homely, secure stones in the background.

Plus, you’re not limited by the types of stones either! You can use all types of stone to line your walls, from light-colored limestone to darker granites, everything is customizable and you’re afforded the freedom to do all that. Stonewall cladding also makes your house easier to decorate as well, as the aesthetics of any green plant and bright-colored flowers and paintings are enhanced by the stones themselves.

Stone Wall Cladding for Your Home

No matter what type of styles you’re going for, you can surely benefit from stone cladding your walls. You can go for less refined stones to give your home that natural look or you can get the stones in brick-like shapes of similar shapes and sizes. And a huge plus is that you won’t have to pay extra bucks to get one solid stone either, as the cladding stones are much easier to curate and install.

Why use stone?

Stones come in many shapes, sizes, colors, appearances, and textures. The variety should be enough to convince you that stones are the best choice based on aesthetic values alone. Plus, stones are super durable, and they can withstand even the harshest environment for years to come. Unlike wood, stones aren’t damaged by humidity, and debris won’t do much to the exterior of your home other than chipping the surface of the stones a little bit.

Not only that, but stone cladding also helps to insulate your home and increases the structural integrity of your home as well. During the summer, your home will feel like a cool cave when you turn on the AC, and the heat will be trapped within your walls during the winter as well. You will be saving tons of money on your next energy bill, and we can assure you that the difference is significant.


When was the last time you say to yourself “Hey, I should do some maintenance for that big stone in my yard”? Chances are, that’s not something that anybody has ever said, ever. This is also the case for stone cladding walls as well. The only thing you need to look out for is the mildew buildup or mold that might grow between the rocks. But this won’t even be a problem if the stones are installed correctly with no wide gaps between them.

How to Choose between the Natural and Synthetic Wall Cladding?

There are two types of cladding you can go for: natural and synthetic, and the final decision comes down to these listed factors.


Artificial stones are cheaper than natural stones. If you’re concerned about the costs, then go for synthetic stones.


Artificial stones are almost identical in shapes, sizes, and colors. If you’re looking for consistency of each stone, then you might like the aesthetic of the artificial stones more than the natural ones. However, if you want each stone to be distinct and unique, then go for the natural stones.


Weight is the most important thing you need to consider. Discuss it with your professional installers or home engineers, because if the wall can’t withstand the weight of the added stones, then the structure might collapse. Artificial stones are relatively lighter than natural stones and they are usually glued on to the wall. Natural stones, on the other hand, need to be fixed on the wall with cement or other fixures to support their weight, otherwise, the stones won’t stay.


Natural stones are easier to care for, as they are incredibly durable. Natural stones aren’t susceptible to breakage, and even if they do break, the inner layers will look the same. You can use a high-powered water-jet cleaner if you think the surface is losing its natural color. This isn’t something you can do with artificial stones, as they are more likely to break and chip, which means you might have to repair them more often.


Both natural and artificial stones have their own merits, and the final decision will come down to your preference.

All in all, stone wall cladding is still one of the most cost-efficient ways to improve your home. It protects your home from harsh weather and insulates your home so that you can stay comfortable regardless of the temperature outside. Not only that, it will make your home look 10 times better!

Contact your local home improvement service today ask them about their stone wall cladding options. These stones will stay with you and your home for years to come. You can be sure that it’s a worthwhile investment!

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