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How To Complement Your Home's Exterior With Travertine Tile

How To Complement Your Home's Exterior With Travertine Tile

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  Natural Stone

Travertine is one of the most popular natural stones out there. It’s formed inside of hot springs. The water evaporating from the stone’s surface as it cools results in a textured, porous look that looks elegant and rustic at the same time. Homeowners, builders, and interior designers love using the stone in quite a few outdoor areas, be it by the pool or in the garden. The versatility and color variety means that you’re bound to have an option you love.


Here are some ways that you can use travertine tile in the exterior of your home:

On your walkway, driveway, or patio
You can get travertine tile in quite a variety of thicknesses. Want to create a beautiful yet sturdy walkway, driveway, or patio? Look for travertine pavers that are at least half an inch thick. There are plenty of sizes and shades for you to choose from. You can stick to a single color or create patterns and texture by mixing different sizes and colors. Travertine pavers can make the exterior of your home incredible, but it’s important for you to remember to avoid using tiles any thinner than half an inch. They aren’t as strong and are prone to cracking.

On your pool deck
Travertine tiles don’t absorb heat too easily, meaning that you can walk barefoot on them without a second thought even on a hot summer day. This is why so many people choose to surround their pools with the beautiful natural stone. The porous texture also means that you aren’t as likely to slip and fall, even after climbing out of the pool. Since travertine doesn’t become discolored or chalky easily, they’re an excellent choice for pool decks. Opt for large tiles and consider extending the tile all the way to your house or patio for a well put-together look.

On your retaining wall
Do you have a retaining wall in your garden? Chances are it’s made of brick or stone. You can easily reface it with travertine tiles to transform the look of your entire yard. Since travertine stone is natural, tiles will never be completely identical.  That being said, you can choose tiles of a similar color and texture. This allows you to create a retaining wall that looks warm, comfortable, and rustic. Choose finished glossy tiles for a sleeker look or tumbled tiles for a weathered look.

On your stairs
Pull the look of your home’s exterior together by refacing the fronts of your stair treads with travertine. This stone isn’t affected by freezing or thawing and is a great choice even if you live in a colder area. You’ve got plenty of choices from decorative to stained tiles to create the home exterior of your dreams!


Wrapping up
It’s important to remember that when using travertine tiles in multiple places in your exterior, choose a similar shade and finish. Always consider functionality as well. For instance, if you plan to reface the treads of your steps, opt for something with more texture to offer extra grip.

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