How to Decorate Your Interiors with Luxurious Travertine

How to Decorate Your Interiors with Luxurious Travertine

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Choosing the right materials to design the interiors of your home is essential. You want your home to look beautiful, and travertine is one of the best materials to use to accomplish that task. It is a flexible design material that you can use to decorate interiors in many ways.

Travertine is a type of limestone with sedimentary properties. Its use dates back several generations, but even with historical connections, travertine can be used in today’s modern homes. It has a beautiful buffed matte finish and comes in various earth colours from tans, browns, beige, and rust hues. Travertine is available in small mosaic tiles up to large slabs that you can use on the wall.

Here are some tips on how you can use travertine to make your interiors look more luxurious:

1. Use travertine tiles for a grand entrance

Travertine has uneven and chiselled qualities, which only make it look gorgeous whether you have a traditional or modern home. You can use travertine mosaic tiles or large pavers in your grand foyer. It is a rustic yet sophisticated way to make your entryway look luxurious.

2. Use large slabs of travertine in your bathroom

Upgrade the look of your bathroom by adding large slabs of travertine tiles. It can be confined in one area, such as the shower or dressing room area. Travertine’s unique and natural designs can serve as a nice backsplash. Set travertine tiles in a diagonal pattern, creating a nice diamond geometry. It will turn any normal bathroom into a luxurious one.

3. Use travertine for your kitchen walls, countertops, and floors

Make your kitchen gorgeous by using travertine mosaics for your stove wall. Use travertine on your countertops and floors as well, which will make it look luxurious. Partner the light-coloured travertine with dark wood cabinetry for a dramatic touch. The contrast in their colours is sure to be an attention-catcher.

4. Use large polished travertine pavers in the living room

Large polished travertine pavers with thin grout lines are the perfect flooring for your living room or entertainment spaces. They will create an illusion of a large vista of travertine.

Additional tips

Travertine is a versatile material you can use to design the interiors of your home, especially when you are aiming for a luxurious look. When choosing the right travertine materials for your room, determine what style suits the interiors. You can be as creative as you want by choosing a sleek design, very few grout joints, chiselled edges, or polished travertine tiles. It also has various colours and patterns that you can consider for specific purposes. Use polished travertine in areas where it can be scratched easily, and avoid using it in areas where oils and liquid are likely to be stained.

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