How to Get Rid of Weeds in Outdoor Travertine Pavers - Our Guide

How to Get Rid of Weeds in Outdoor Travertine Pavers - Our Guide

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Stone and brick patios make for eye-pleasing additions to any home and are popularly used due to its unparalleled appeal. All its beauty and splendour, however, may come at a price in the form of unsightly weed infestations in between the cracks and crevices of the pavers.

Not only does it wear down the visual allure of pavers, but it can be a back-breaking effort to remove. Unfortunately, there are no ways to stop the dispersion of seeds of weeds, but there are easy-to-do tricks that can hinder its growth and eliminate weeds to keep your patio in top condition.

On that note, here are some ways you can rid your patio of pesky weeds and prevent them from invading your space in the future:

Step #1: Manually Remove Weeds or by Weed Pickers/Removers

As much as people demand easier and convenient ways to remove weeds growing in their patio, there are currently no shortcuts to the exhaustive process as they will have to get your hands dirty and eliminate the weeds manually or with the help of weed remover tools. Be sure to wear hand or garden gloves before you start pulling out the weeds, which is relatively easy once you spray some water to dampen the soil and loosen the weed’s roots.

It’s good to invest in knee pads to save you from being dirty, also to avoid injuries, insect bites, and cushion the strain of applying pressure on it during the tedious picking process.

You can also use a billhook or crack weeder for wider cracks in your pavers, or an old serrated kitchen knife for narrow cracks to effectively pull up weeds. Another tool to make the process easier is a moving trolley or dustbin to collect discarded weed.

Step #2: Killing Weeds and Preventing Growth by Using Natural Remedies

There are a handful of time-tested natural remedies that are environmentally friendly and cost-efficient to remove weeds, most of which are already available in your home. Below are the various remedies you can use:

Baking Soda - Add salt to the weed, and it can absorb any cellular water from the tissues of the plant, allowing the weed to dry out and die.
Vinegar - Similar to baking soda, it is a chemically acetic acid that draws the moisture from the plant up to its roots, which can kill weeds within a day or two.
Common Salt - Mix the salt in a 3:1 salt to water ratio to dehydrate the plant. Although this process can take up to months, it is also an effective way of stopping the growth of weed entirely.
Boiling Water - Pour boiling water on the weed plants to kill weeds that are sticking out in between tightly sealed pavers. This is the simplest and most inexpensive method.

Step #3: Apply Polymeric Sand to Stop the Growth of Weeds Entirely

Artificial sand granules made from polymeric chemicals are a tried and tested, fool-proof way of halting the growth of weeds altogether. Place it in between the cracks of the pavers and pour water over to bind it. Upon drying, the crevices are filled with cemented stones that lock out the invasion of weeds.

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