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How to Lay Travertine Pavers

How to Lay Travertine Pavers

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How to Lay Travertine Pavers


Using travertine pavers in your backyard or garden is the perfect way to create a luxurious outdoor space. The subtle hues of greys, beiges, and blues throughout make it the perfect complement to all of your garden décor.


Laying travertine pavers is not difficult, making it a popular material for do-it-yourself landscapers and gardeners. They are one of few paving materials that can be placed dry-set. Being simple to lay, and replace if needed, means the gorgeous designs made with silver travertine pavers are easily achieved.


After you’ve purchased your silver travertine pavers, use our guide to learn how to lay them properly and get the look you desire.


Here are the primary tools you will need to lay travertine pavers:


·         A Pencil or Writing Tool

·         Paper

·         A Saw complete with a Diamond Blade

·         Measuring Tape

·         Level

·         Safety Goggles

·         Polymeric Sand (optional)

·         Plate Compactor

·         Border of Your Choice


Step 1: Plan


Before you lay your silver travertine pavers, decide how you want your outdoor space to look. Use the measuring tape to get accurate dimensions of your area and write them down. On a piece of paper, draw a picture using those dimensions and calculate the square footage (length X width). Make sure you have enough pavers to accommodate your space. It may also help to sketch out a design for your pavers.


Step 2: Compact Your Soil


Well-compacted soil is a must when laying travertine pavers in your garden. Make sure the soil is not too moist or overly dry, which creates loose and uneven ground. A power compactor will make this part easy and provide a smooth and flat surface for your pavers. Finish by checking the ground with your level to ensure it is even.


Step 3: Establish a Border


To properly lay travertine pavers, you should create a border or edging as a guide. We also recommend the use of a durable adhesive to secure all edging. This allows the silver travertine pavers to expand and contract without being damaged.


Step 4: Lay Travertine Pavers


At this point, you will begin laying your pavers according to your design. Firmly press each paver down into the soil and place them edge to edge for a snug fit. Once all the pavers are in place, it’s time to put your saw to work. A saw with a diamond blade is needed to give your edges a clean cut and even look. Please use caution while working with the saw and always wear safety goggles. We suggest using a level after each paver is placed to verify they are even.


Step 5: Fill in Spaces


Filling spaces between your silver travertine pavers is an option if you notice gaps once they are all in place. Sweeping polymeric sand is a great choice for this, but grout will work just as well.


Highlighting your outdoor space with silver travertine pavers is a great way to show the natural beauty in your surrounding your home. No matter how big or small your project is, we know you’ll love the look you created with these stunning pavers.





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