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Signs That You Should Look Into Travertine Pavers

Signs That You Should Look Into Travertine Pavers

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  Natural Stone

Travertine pavers are becoming more and more popular choice for exterior home decorations. Instead of using cement, you can use travertine pavers which are natural stones which are made into tiles of any shape and size. These pavers are also perfect for pools, patios, and gardens. They are an elegant decoration that can be used to make your home look cleaner and more wholesome. If you aren’t sure that travertine pavers are for you, read on and have your mind changed!

If you desire a unique look:

There are no two identical natural stones, which is why every travertine paver tile is unique. Every slab has its own shape, colour, marks and textures. It’s this sense of natural uniqueness that makes your exterior decoration stand out. They make your outdoor environment feel more lively and vibrant. It’s the type of beauty that no artificially made materials can replicate.

If you care about safety:

Some stones like lime and marble are incredibly slippery when wet, especially if they are polished. Travertine absorbs moisture very well, leaving no droplets and puddles behind. This is one of the reasons why travertine is perfect for pool areas. Materials that are naturally slippery can be hazardous around the pool, and that’s exactly what travertine isn’t.

If you do not like cleaning at all:

Nobody likes cleaning outdoor surfaces, especially the pavement and walkways. It’s both laborious and time-consuming. For those who hate cleaning, travertine is perfect for you. Not only that they are durable and versatile, meaning that you won’t have to repair them, ever, but they also don’t get stained easily, despite the fact that they absorb a lot of moisture. Travertine looks good no matter what condition it’s put in, making it perfect for homeowners who don’t have time to look after the exterior decorations.

If you are not good at painting:

Travertine naturally has a pleasing ivory colour that doesn’t require any paint to look good, and as mentioned, they retain that colour incredibly well. They aren’t susceptible to environmental damage like light, heat, or rain. It’s an erosion-tolerant material, meaning that they won’t get faded or chipped away by the environment. This adds to the low maintenance aspect of the material, which is something that every homeowner can appreciate.

If you are not good at repairing things:

Because travertine doesn’t get damaged often, it doesn’t require much effort to repair. However, if a slap gets too old, you can simply change the paver slab. This is something you can do by yourself, which might not be something that’s possible with other types of materials.

If you do not like stepping on hot floors:

Many stone materials get really hot when placed outside in the summer sun. If you’ve ever stepped on a  hot stone tile, you know it’s not a pleasant feeling, but this is not an issue when it comes to travertine. The stone expels heat very quickly, thanks to its natural porous structure. Compared to concrete and marble or granite, travertine doesn’t retain nearly as much heat, making it a perfect material around an outdoor hot tub as well.

If you need a cost-efficient solution:

Travertine is significantly cheaper than limestone or marble. Combined this with its durability and quality, it’s no wonder why travertine pavers are so popular.

If you think your home can benefit from travertine pavers, contact your local paver business today and see what they can do for your home. Ask them specifically for travertine, and you won’t be disappointed with the outcome.

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