Stone Select - The Benefits of Tavertine in Your Home

Stone Select - The Benefits of Tavertine in Your Home

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  Natural Stone

Nature offers a lot of materials that people find useful, such as sedimentary rocks. Coal is the most well-known among these sedimentary rocks. Aside from providing for energy needs, some kinds of sedimentary stones are used as construction and landscaping material. Travertine is one of the most-widely used sedimentary rocks for construction and landscaping.

In fact, among the most famous and enduring landmarks in the world are made of travertine. The almost 2,000-year-old Colosseum in Rome, as well as the near 1,000-year-old Burghausen Castle in Germany, are examples of these travertine-made structures. As you can see with these great ancient wonders that still stand today, travertine is popular because it lasts long. You can make buildings, pathways, and landscape patterns that can outlive you.

That lifespan comes from its inherent durability. Compared to limestone, travertine can tolerate higher loads before breaking, with a minimum modulus of rupture of 500 pounds per square inch (psi) unlike limestone’s rupture modulus of 400 psi.

Brawn and good looks

Durability is not the only exceptional quality that makes travertine the stone of choice in many households. Another reason for its popularity is because of its gorgeous look. Its veins, bands, and textures are unique. Even slabs from a similar rock appear different. Travertine also comes in many colours people can pick: silver, dark titanium-grey, yellow-brown, white, and yellow-white.

Whether you use it as tiles for your bathroom and kitchen, as pool coping material, as pavers for your driveway, or as your interior floor material, travertine blends in seamlessly with its surroundings. The unique patterns, colours, and gloss of travertine make the places where it is used appear more fascinating.

The price is worth the beauty that lasts millennia

There is no question about travertine being expensive. Stone dealers have to import these rocks from faraway places such as Turkey, Mexico, Italy, and Iran where these rocks occur naturally in large deposits. But despite its price tag, the travertine is so alluring that many people are still willing to stretch their budgets to the limit just to have these stones installed in their home. Homeowners think that the good looks and strength of travertine is worth the amount they’ll spend.

It’s an enduring status symbol that can last several lifetimes. Thus, homeowners who use travertine can leave behind a legacy that matches the legacy of the enduring walls of the Colosseum. These people are right, and history proves the correctness of their choice. As demand for travertine is expected to rise sharply in the future, so will the prices. After all, travertine is a non-renewable resource with limited supply. So while travertine is still relatively plentiful and affordable, you must snag the opportunity to buy travertine for your home.

Travertine for timelessness

There are many materials you can choose as a material to pave your poolside, walkways, living room, walls, patios, and driveways. For the list of the materials you are planning to use, travertine should be on top of that list. Pavers made of travertine are strong, unique, and versatile for use in contemporary or rustic styles as it remains fashionable for the past millennia. These materials will also make your house look marvellous even when you’re long gone. Make your home amazing for present and future generations with travertine walls, floors, and steps.

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