Two Shades of Grey The Effects of Dark and Light Tiles

Two Shades of Grey The Effects of Dark and Light Tiles

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Grey as a colour is one that is very neutral, going with almost anything. The bit of color means that it still has character, so grey is known to be typically less dull than the standard white. Versatile in its use, grey can invoke themes ranging from relaxation to sophistication to darker moods. It is an excellent neutral background which you can spice up further with bold furniture colours or accessories. From flooring to wall tiles, the adaptability of grey can be used in any situation to add some style into the room. A $250,000 house can look equally elegant as a $2 million mansion when the correct shade of grey is used. Wondering about the different shades of grey and how to know which one to use? Keep reading to find out more about it.


The dark side

You can make a room feel more dramatic and gothic by using dark grey tiles. If you're feeling adventurous, bright and eye-catching furniture can add a cheeky tone to the room, adding a perfect amount of contrast to offset the moody vibe. Dark grey is perfect for creating a relaxing and soothing atmosphere, which is why it is so prevalent in many bedrooms. Tiles like Honfleur Dark Grey Lappato coupled with a bold colour can bring a unique charm into the room, perfect for modern and mysterious spaces.


For the kitchen, a dark grey floor and wall tiling can be beautifully complemented with natural tones of yellow or orange. For some sophistication in the bathroom, a dark grey tile flooring can be enhanced by using clean white furniture. This is guaranteed to relax you as you bathe.


Somewhat courageous, tiling the living room dark grey can look amazing with the correct lighting. It is recommended that you contrast the place with strong bright furniture to bring out the coolness in the room. Add faux fur cushions or velvety pillows into the room, as this will give it more depth and style while also making it look more homey and comfortable.


The light side

While dark grey is perfect for making a room more moody and mysterious, a lighter shade of grey tiling can bring a refreshing touch that is more interesting than a white or cream colour. Bright grey shades can be easily complemented with other colours, giving you more choice when it comes to picking new furniture and accessories.


If you prefer more natural colours in the room, pale grey tiles can be coupled with a dark slate floor to produce a simple, yet elegant atmosphere. Following the nature vibe, pale wood furniture and indoor plants can make your room seem less artificial. If you still like white tiles, a classy and unique look can be achieved by combining them with pale grey Tofino tiles.


Wrapping up

The colour grey looks great anywhere. It can be easily paired with other colours or shades to produce a combination that suits your tastes. If you’re not so creative, a design consisting of dark and light grey tiles can bring a basic elegance to any room. You can then begin to experiment with bolder colours by adding colourful furniture into the room. With so many shades of grey available in either dark or light, there are thousands of unique and unusual combinations to try. The only limit is your creativity!


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