Where are the Best Places to Install Travertine Pavers

Where are the Best Places to Install Travertine Pavers

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Where are the Best Places to Install Travertine Pavers?


Travertine pavers have recently gained a lot of popularity in the outdoor décor scene. If you want to design your terrace, patio, or the poolside area with natural looking stones that have a modern or a rustic look, then travertine pavers are the best choice. They come in multiple shades and different finishes. So, here are some ideas on how you can use travertine stones as a part of the outdoor décor.


Use it by the pool

Summer is a great time to renovate the poolside. Concrete is the staple option, but then again, it is also dull. Since it is your very own pool, you can design it in whatever way you want. Adding a little bit of class and sophistication never hurt anyone.


Travertine pavers can really take away the blandness and the boredom of the concrete pool deck. You can choose a shade to make it look minimal and classy or to give it a more rustic, countryside look. Whatever you use, you do not have to worry about the colors fading from the sun’s radiation. The natural stones will also last for decades. So, there is no need to repair the cracks now and then. Travertine pavers can be the beginning of the poolside renovation that you were always planning. You can even get contemporary furniture including lounge chairs and a white umbrella to give a high-class look.


Pave the backyard patio

Even if you do not have a pool, travertine pavers go well with lush green backyards. If your brick paving or broken tiles are looking old and drab, you can change them with travertine pavers. With these natural-hued pavers, you will be entirely prepared for the barbeque season. No matter what shade of pavers you choose, it would be hard to look away from them. The switch to travertine can bring about a massive change in how your backyard looks. Furthermore, this can set the stage for the outdoor bar that you were planning to set up for a long time. The countertops of outdoor bars can even be lined with travertine that goes along with the patio surface.


If you have space, you can even line the paving with green hedges or palm trees. This will give that five-star hotel look. Now, all you need to do is add a bubbling fountain behind the bar to set the mood. You can even add more elegance by adding proper lighting fixtures. You can use cast-iron lamp shades to go along with the rustic look or add sleek, minimal accessories to create a modern look.


Wrap Up

No matter where you install the travertine pavers, these natural looking pavers will really amp up the suaveness of your home. 

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