Why Travertine is a Great Choice for your Kitchen Floor

Why Travertine is a Great Choice for your Kitchen Floor

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Why Travertine is a Great Choice for your Kitchen Floor


Travertine is a heavy stone, which can make transporting and handling it a little hard when done alone. If the installation is handled by professionals, the weight shouldn’t be an issue. Travertine is not only a beautiful design, but it is also non-flammable with heat-absorbing features and has the ability to handle many different temperatures while staying functional, even after bearing maximum heat. This makes it perfect for kitchens.

Travertine tiles are being used in countertops, kitchen walls and often on floors. They come in several colors, the most common being beige, ivory, and gold. Their light colors give a spacious look and are also easy to replace if needed. They are best complimented with shades of wood on cabinets as well as darker shades like red-toned browns. For those who prefer who prefer a brighter tone, the dark shades can be used with appropriate polishing.

Kitchen Floors and Patterns
Travertine kitchen floors are environment-friendly and showcase a natural stone. As it does not take a lot to get it into final shape, choosing travertine products means you are picking an environmentally friendly option. Travertine kitchen floors can come in many patterns depending on what you want and are looking for. Here are some popular ones:

French Pattern

If you want a more country feel, the French Pattern can also be used outdoors for gardens or gazebos. French pattern tiles may or may not be polished based on your preference, but polishing them will make them more slippery.

Antique Pattern

Antique-patterned travertine floor is a bit similar to French pattern. It’s a traditional, country style that gives a comfortable look to the kitchen and adds value to the overall design.

Brick Pattern

This pattern is very common in the modern kitchen and bathroom designs. Popular colors are grey, cream and other light shades. This pattern gives a uniform design to also make the room feel more spacious.

Spiral Pattern

The spiral pattern is mostly used in modern interiors as it adds to the design and looks trendy and can make anything look a little more lively.


Herringbone Pattern

This is the most contemporary pattern and it will enhance overall interior design as well as compliment any similar designs near it.


Are you looking to install Travertine for your home? Then Stone Select is the perfect partner for you! Get in touch today to see how we can help.


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