Why You Should Get Travertine Flooring For Your Home

Why You Should Get Travertine Flooring For Your Home

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  Natural Stone

The floor is often the most overlooked element of a home. In reality, it’s the largest surface area of the house, and it’s a great place to show off your personality without taking away from the aesthetic of the house.


A good floor option is one that doesn’t take attention away from the main elements of the room, but it helps to keep the entire look coherent and complete. What’s more is that it’s typically easy to care for and is sturdy enough to withstand everyday use without losing its value. This is why travertine flooring is a great option for any homeowner who’s looking to save a ton of time on maintenance without sacrificing the overall look of your home.


What is travertine flooring?


Travertine is a type of natural stone that’s found in hot springs where there’s a high concentration of calcium carbonate. Once these chemical-rich hot springs cool down, they harden and turn into stones, and we call those stones travertine.


The different levels of calcium carbonate and other chemicals give each slab of travertine stone their distinct patterns, colors, textures, and hardness. These stones have incredibly diverse colors, from pure white, grey, dull mustard, to a more brownish tint. The natural differences make them a great choice for homeowners, as they have more choices to choose from, making it a perfect addition to any property.


Why use travertine flooring?


Travertine is a permeable stone, meaning that it absorbs and irrigate water very quickly. This makes it a slip-proof material by nature, and you don’t have to worry about wiping it clean if somebody happens to spill water on the floor.


Travertine is a great flooring option for your outdoor pool area, as it gives that added safety compared to stone surfaces like marble or granite. This doesn’t mean that travertine is any less beautiful than other types of stones, though, as it’s a type of stone that ages incredibly well. You don’t have to worry about it looking dull and dirty years down the line, as these age marks give each travertine tile a unique characteristic that makes each of them a unique look.



This is probably one of the biggest advantages of a travertine slab, as they require very minimal maintenance and can be incredibly durable. Despite its porous structure in the microscopic level, travertine can withstand a lot of force and hold its own against the test of time. Monumental structures like the Roman Colosseum and Tiber Bridge were constructed from travertine blocks, and they still stand tall today. To ensure that this is the case for your travertine floors, you need to make sure that you use the highest-quality of travertine as possible.


Final thoughts


As you can see, travertine is an incredibly flexible material for a floor. You can use them anywhere in without having to worry about it not fitting with the design of your home. If you’re looking for a tasteful flooring option that’s easy to care for and safe, then travertine is the best choice for you.


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